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IntelligentBots is highly focused on STEM and Robotics education. To impart more technical skills and hands-on practices, we organise various workshops and seminars on various technologies.

We organise various workshops across the country and we have highly skilled and industrial team. The benefits of attending the workshops and seminars are more and students would vast knowledge in a short period of time. All participants would get trained and certified in various domains which are listed below. After attending these sessions, students would get the advantage of our support and guideance for their future projects and ideas.

Drone Workshops

Duration : 2 Days

3D Designing and Printing Workshops

Duration : 2 Days

Internet of Things (IOT) Workshops

Duration : 3 Days

Arduino & Robotics Workshops

Duration : 5 Days

Raspberry Pi Workshops

Duration : 3 Days

PCB Simulation & Designing Workshops

Duration : 1 Day

Note: The duration of these workshops are not fixed and can be altered according to the requirements of management.

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